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What's New @ IAmEmpowered?




1Consider a good education a passport to explore the world of possibilities, just over the horizon.  It is often said that ‘luck’ is when preparation meets opportunity.  We focus on making critical preparatory tools available through our Education & Youth Development Programs.

Did you know that applying for a job is in itself a learned skill? Those who excel at this and hone their talents for presentation, have a much easier time and face fewer demoralizing rejections.


2Our life is not defined by our career.  Yet, our career is defined by our passion for life.  We introduce our cutting-edge career development platform for minority communities:  U-Post/U-Match.

Job seekers are invited to use advanced search capabilities, create and post electronic resumes for employers to conveniently review.  Job seekers may also upload resumes directly to prospective employers.  This is where top-notch employers are hanging out. 



3Some say that ‘leaders are born.”  While that may be true, we believe that GREAT leaders are the ones who weren’t born to be, but persisted anyway.  They pursue the improbable possible.   President Barack H. Obama… Presidentsenough said.Character is the stuff of legend.  It’s what one is behind closed doors, when no one is looking.  We’re shaping leaders of the world for the 21st century and beyond.  Business, Technology, Science, Religious and other leaders will emerge from difficult and supportive environments.

We’re ready.  Are you?